Prediction League

Welcome to the Prediction League. The Prediction League is fully automated and contestants can submit their predictions online. Plus, it's still FREE to enter.

In order to be able to play the Prediction League you have to be registered on one of Archant's websites (if you have posted to the PinkUn message board in the past then you are eligible to play the Prediction League).

If you have any questions, please email

For details on how to register your team, make predictions and view the League Table, click the links below:

Make Prediction / Register Team

League table

How to play

Step 1: Once you've registered your team, you are asked to select a game you wish to make a prediction for from the drop-down menu.

Step 2:
After you have selected a game, the screen refreshes to bring up both teams, each with a box to submit the number of goals in.

Step 3:
Click in each box and type in the number of goals you predict each team will score. After you have submitted a scoreline click the 'Update' link underneath the home team. PLEASE NOTE: There is a 5 goal limit for the Norwich City score.

Step 4:
Once you have clicked 'Update' the screen will refresh to bring up a list of the current Norwich City squad in a drop-down menu, along with a box to the right of the squad list for you to enter the time of each goal scored by each player you select.

Step 5:
Select a player from the drop-down menu that you think will score and type in the time you think they will score in the box to the right of the name. Then press the 'Add Prediction' link directly underneath the squad list.

Step 6:
After pressing the 'Add Prediction' link, the goalscorer and his goal time is saved and added to the Current Predictions list. You can then choose another player from the drop-down menu and type in another time in the minute box. If you make a mistake you can delete any of your current predictions from the list by selecting the 'delete' link next to the goalscorer and goal time.

Step 7:
Every time you select a goalscorer, enter a goal time and slect 'add prediction' your predictions are added to the current predictions list. Once the number of current predictions matches the number of goals predicted in the scoreline the 'add prediction' option disappears and your prediction is saved.

Scoring system

Points are scored on the following rules:

Correct Score = 5 points
Correct Goal Scorer(s) = 1 point per goal
PLUS Goal in correct time bracket = bonus 2 points
OR Goal on exact minute = 4 bonus points

Time brackets are 1-10 mins, 11-20 mins, 21-30 mins, etc.

Goal times will be based on those in the Match Reports.

CUP GAMES: These games are also included in the Prediction League. The score, and goalscorers, will only count during the 90-minute period, even if the game goes to extra time.

You can change your prediction at any time up until 30 minutes before kick-off. PLEASE NOTE: All goalscorers and goal times will have to be re-submitted if you alter your saved prediction.