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Re: Don't know who did this.....

 City1st wrote:
I would add to this superb bit of artwork*, perhaps, a few different words to what the crushed donkey is saying "wot abaht our glorious history, guv ?" or "keep your foot there, it'll stop me goin' dahn the plughole" or " ... not forgetting the two statutes, the Texaco Cup ..... blah, blah" * reminiscent of that memorable cartoon of '59 with a Norfolk dumpling and Canary Citizen looking down at Wembley with the immortal words 'we should have been there, bor'

You will all be amazed to hear that it was done by a binner, I traced it from the RRRex signature at the top right of the picture, his site is HERE

If you can't be bothered to go to his site he originally made this and this is what he had to say:

(06/05/09) Pride of Anglia
A little tribute to my favourite football team, Ipswich Town, who won 3-2 against our hated local rivals Norwich City in April 2009; a result which pretty much condemned Norwich to relegation down to Football League One for the first time in 50 years. For those not in the know, the Norwich mascot is a tiny canary, while ours is a big white horse - sounds like an uneven contest! No wonder we're the best team in Anglia!!

But give him his credit he now has this on his site as well:

(11/05/2011) Pride of Anglia II
A sequel to 'Pride of Anglia' - the 2009 original had been drawn as a tribute to my favourite football team Ipswich Town at a time when they were in a superior position to local rivals Norwich City (AKA the Canaries). Alas, the tables have since turned during those two years to the point that Town are now inferior  to Norwich! Hence I decided to swallow my pride and draw an updated version with the mascots' relative roles reversed to reflect the new balance in East Anglian football.

Enjoy your moment on top, Canaries - our day will come again, hopefully very soon...!


Re: Don't know who did this.....

it makes a great desktop background