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Cool [H]

WACCOE - The Best Read You Will Find Online

Hi All

I am a new user on here having read with interest many of the comments on here.

I just had to share with you all some of the Leeds fans comments from WACCOE (having joined after reading another thread on here).

These are some of the comments under a thread titled 'Judas Snodgrass':-

"I hope he enjoys his one season in the Premier League where his team will be the whipping boys of anyone half decent, then he'll be subject to an eternity in the Football League."

"Good player but its always a risk for players like Snodgrass joining sides like Norwich etc as he may only get one season in the Prem."

"So all this, just to be in the premier league playin for a club who will never achieve anything?"

"I think he will struggle in a poor Norwich team and may well be back in the championship next season"

"There's an old saying Norwich...every dog has it day, and when we have ours we'll be sure to wipe our feet on you on the way past."

There are some nice comments but most of them had me in stitches.

I thought the binners were green with envy but this tops it. So deluded that they have a forum called WACCOE - We are Champions, Champions of Europe - more like Chumps of Europe. 




Re: WACCOE - The Best Read You Will Find Online

Its called sour grapes, I think.  They have so much going against them as a club - the fans must feel very bitter.



Welcome to the madhouse, by the way! Smile [:)]





Re: WACCOE - The Best Read You Will Find Online

I have a nose around their and TWTD both sites can have me in stitches


Funny how they both hark on at "Glory Days"


Those Were The Days

We Are Champions, Champions Of Europe


Bless em.

Hmm [^o)]

Re: WACCOE - The Best Read You Will Find Online


I think I will enjoy the madhouse as I normally have an opinion on something Wink [;)]