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Re: Are we getting better?

 he wrote:
No, we are not getting better. I hope the team succeed under Farke, but so far the opposite is shown. So the answer is no, we are not getting better.
This perfectly illustrates my point. What is your criterion of "success"? Is that the criterion to use when assessing how well the team and Farke himself are currently doing? What do you think Farke's brief is? To get us as high up the league table as he can, at all costs, no matter what?  

Re: Are we getting better?

Hi Westcoast,

Awake, sober and no ill effects – result.

You ask a series of questions in your last post and I will provide answers from my point of view.

Question: ‘What is your criterion of success and is this the criterion used to judge the team and Farke’.

Answering the second part of your question first, yes, the criterion is the one by which I judge the team and Farke and I add, the one by which I judge the club in its entirety.

The criterion, is a simple one, as a supporter and paying customer I want to be entertained, assuming I am, then I feel I am getting value for money, if massive success follows then even better. That said, if massive failure follows then I would find that difficult to accept but I do believe if I am entertained by a team playing attractive football then it is unlikely massive failure will result. From my perspective, entertainment is key to keeping attendances high, I do not know what the income from supporters is in total, tickets sales, food and drink sales, shirt sales, corporate, etc. etc. but I am guessing it is currently quite a high percentage of our income. Taking an extreme, what would our income be if all supporters felt they were not getting value for money and walked away, another guess but probably not enough to maintain a Championship club, Academy Cat 1, etc. etc.

Question: What do I think Farke’s brief is? I have no idea, but I would like it to be along the lines of my previous answer.

Referring back to my criterion, am I being entertained – No, well not by NCFC anyway, some may be, I am not. Based on what I know (or indeed don’t know, his brief, etc.) Farke is certainly not setting out to entertain. If a coach, even in training sessions, insists on possession and safety first by sideways passing and berates any player daring something different, and only has a few differing training session when compared to other coaches, then I would suggest this instils fear and boredom within the squad, consequently entertainment, or my version of it, is very unlikely to follow.

Are we getting better, again, based on my criterion – No and if we do not, then at an average of 0.833 points per game we will end up with 38-39 points and almost definitely relegated, of course I sincerely hope we improve and I also sincerely hope this is by playing entertaining and attractive football, I just have my concerns this will not happen given the ‘current’ mindset of Farke, or indeed, the ‘current’ brief.


Re: Are we getting better?

without Whittaker we would not have gone up that year stats wise better than olson but one walks on water and one was hounded out of the club

he couldn't defend for toffee but was excellent going forward