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We've picked a Norwich City starting line-up from history and you have to fill in all 11 gaps.
The numbers below the missing player's position refer to the number of letters in that player's surname.
Enter the surname of the player in the appropriate position and if you are correct the Norwich City badge will change from black and white to colour.
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Game: Norwich City's 5-0 win at Sheffield Wednesday

Competition: Football League Division One
Saturday, December 29, 2001

Last time...

v Fulham, January 1, 1986

Woods; Culverhouse, Watson, Bruce, Van Wijk; Barham, Phelan, Mendham, Williams; Drinkell, Biggins

Norwich City Stats

Premier League table

Team Played Points
16. Swansea 25 27
17. Newcastle 25 24
18. Norwich City 25 23
19. Sunderland 25 20
20. Aston Villa 25 16

Fixtures and results

Opponent Date Result
Tottenham (H) Tue Feb 2 0-3
Aston Villa (A) Sat Feb 6 2-0
West Ham (H) Sat Feb 13
Leicester City (A) Sat Feb 27
Chelsea (H) Tue Mar 1

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